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Six-roller waste cleaning machine

Opening and removing impurities of raw cotton are complementary to each other. In order to remove impurities, it is necessary to loosen and destroy the connection between fiber and impurities. In the process of removing impurities, good waste of spinnable fiber should be avoided as much as possible. In the process of removing impurity, 6 roller cotton waste cleaning function is provided to effectively achieve the above purpose.

●  Machine legend

●  Working principle

The 6-roller cotton waste cleaner consists of 6 rolls with 45 degrees inclination Angle, which are surrounded by dust rods. There is a u-shaped blade on the rolls, and a stripping knife is installed between the rolls. The cotton is gradually opened and removed impurities after being hit by the non-grip of the rolls.

●  The main specifications

Product name:Six-roller waste cleaning machine
Removal rate:85〜90%
Suitable raw materials for processing: cotton
Attribute: Open cotton machinery

●  The main specifications

Technical Parameters
Roll form and alignment angle
Six rows of U-shaped blades, tilted up 45°
Roller diameter(mm)
Dust stick form
Triangle dust stick
Dust stick number
The first group 29, the second group 22, the third, fourth, and fifth groups are each 16
Dust bar spacer(mm)
Roller and dust bar spacer(mm)
The first, second and third groups are 8, the fourth and fifth groups are 12

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